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February 22, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

I ended up going home this weekend with B just to relax, go to a chiropractor appointment and get my hair cut.  I love being home, especially during these busy times of the year.  We went to the Unity basketball game on Friday and stayed for the Winterfest fun.  The varsity game was awesome as we won 50-48 in the very last seconds of the game!  After, off to Applebees for adult fun while the little high schoolers had a dance :)  However, best part of the whole weekend was going out to the Lake on Saturday.  The beach at Holland was amazing!!  Parts were still frozen over so B and I went hiking on the water and pier.  I got some amazing pics that  I will get edited and up on Etsy soon and I'll throw a few up here too!  I'm hoping to get some of this done next week because it's spring break and I'll be in Washington DC.  I am envisioning sitting in the Library of Congress and doing homework and working on my website stuff......sighhhh, I cannot wait!!

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