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February 9, 2010

Snow, snow, snow

Well, got B back and apparently he decided to bring the snow with him.  Ugh.  You would think that after 21 years of living in Michigan, most of them on the shore of Lake Michigan, I wouldn't mind the snow.  You would be wrong.  I am not happy.  I hate winter with an intense passion.  I don't ski.  I don't snowboard.  I don't ice skate.  I would prefer to ignore the whole thing.  Its not so much the snow I don't like, its the cold.  I hate being cold.  The worst part about winter is the stifling of my creativity.  I'm very inspired by nature, weather and the outdoors.  Unfortunently, I haven't figured out how to tap into my winter creativity.  I prefer warm sunshine, bright summer colors, unfrozen lakes and streams and the freedom of creating in a pair of shorts and a tank top.  So, summer, please come back soon.  I really really miss you and can't wait for you to return.  Here's a little glimpse of what's to come....summer in A2....

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