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October 4, 2010

Feeling a Bit Fallish...

I missed a Wednesday List for last week!  Don't worry, I'll get one ready to go this week :)  Life has been so crazy and busy with school and football and family and B!  I had the opportunity to go home this past weekend and spend time with my family and B...we had family pictures and then spent all afternoon at Fridays to watch the Michigan football game...(we barely pulled off the W, thanks to Denard :)).  Yesterday, we went downtown Grand Rapids to wander around Artprize.  It was fun to see all the art and also to see GRap so busy in the downtown districts.  In all, it was an incredibly relaxing weekend!  However, now I'm back in AA and its time to get after the homework...this coming weekend is the UM vs. MSU football game and B and I have sooo many friends coming back for the game so everyone is trying to get tons of work done so that this weekend can just be focused on hanging out with friends!  However, I'm really hoping to get some crafting done this week too.  I finished a new set of ornaments that need to be photographed and posted.  I also am planning a new line of ornaments for the upcoming holiday season!  More news and photos to come soon!  Check back with me on Wednesday when I promise a new list will be posted :)

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