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October 18, 2010

The Complexities of Motivation

As the school year continues to speed up into midterms and projects, I find myself struggling with the concept of motivation.  Not necessarily school related because my motivation there is a love of learning, my GPA and desire to find a job soon :)  I mean, motivation to create and get new items listed on Etsy.  I realize that the holiday season is fast approaching and therefore, I should be listing new products everyday...however, my motivation is being hindered by life in general.  I have these grand ambitions ("when I get home from teaching, I'll make ____" "this weekend, while watching football, I'll list _____" and the list goes on)  but by the time I get around to those time periods, I'm too exhausted to even think creatively!  So, right now, I'm on a mission to recapture my motivation that was so plentiful during the summer months.  I'm going to start by setting a tentative schedule where I work for a bit even if I don't really want to and hopefully this will jump-start my motivation and get me excited about crafting again!

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