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March 4, 2010

More From the HIll

OMG.  I am absolutely and completely smitten with D.C.  I desperately want to move here and work in
A. The National Museum of American History
B. The Library of Congress or
C. The National Archives
(I would actually settle for ANY of the Smithsonian Museums).
I am absolutely in love with the history and artifacts found in this town.  I cannot believe how happy and comfortable I am here.  I've been researching grad schools and possible internships for this summer like a crazy person.  I have been on an incredible journey of self-discovery this week and have realized that I need to stop thinking about what I think I "should" do in order to be a good person and instead to follow my passions.  I'm passionate about history and books and museums and all of the incredible links to the past found in archives.  I really want to get home and start pulling together some way of cataloging our family history on the dad's side.  (We have an incredible book on the mom's side :) )  I actually started doing some research at the Holocaust museum and can't wait to start searching for other information and figuring out how to get it out of Grandpa and Grandma.  They rarely talk about the family history in the Netherlands and I'm absolutely fascinated with the mystery.  Ahh! I love it here so much!!!

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