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March 24, 2011


Sometimes, especially during this time of year, I get the urge to drive to Detroit Metro Airport and just pick a flight.  Max out my credit card and leave.  Restlessness, I guess.  The weather in Michigan in the spring is so fickle and upsetting.  It can be bright and sunny and 20 degrees.  Or 60 degrees for days in a row and then a snow flurry.  It makes me feel uneasy and makes me long for the joy of traveling.  Traveling is one of my biggest passions; inspired and grown in me by my amazing parents.  They would pack my brother and me into our motorhome and take us out to see the country.  I've seen so much and yet, there is always more.  The new places, the amazing people, the delicious food that you can eat guilt free because they are "vacation calories" and don't count, the crazy stories and amazing bonding with your fellow travelers.  B and I are currently trying to plan our honeymoon and I'm absolutely paralyzed by the immense list of places I would love to go. 

Thankfully, only one more week until Spring Break....Fripp Island, SC <3
Photo from the airport in Auckland, New thoughts exactly

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