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July 29, 2010

Inspiration? What Inspiration?

I used to think that I created my best work when I was so-called "inspired."  I've come to realize that is a load of s#^*...Inspiration is an amazing thing when it hits you and the universe explodes and the idea materializes in the dandelion seeds that floated out of nowhere and spell out your incredible thought.  Yea, that happens to me so often.  Now, this is not to say that I create with no inspiration.  I have simply adjusted my thinking to realize that I need to focus on how I lead an inspired life.  I recently made  a list of the little, everyday things that inspire me.  Things like sunflowers and chubby bumblebees and the color pink and waves.  When I sit down to work on my Etsy things and have no idea where to begin, I haul out my inspiration list and let my mind wander.  Its a far less stressful way of creating art rather than stressing over why I haven't been mysteriously and magically "inspired" lately!!

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