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June 9, 2010

Interesting News

I saw this story this morning on Yahoo and thought it was really interesting.  Working at Clements has put me in contact with a variety of old letters and documents and its interesting to think about the journey those artifacts may have gone on to finally settle in Ann Arbor.  Of course, I'm sure the University wouldn't have anything knowingly stolen, just as Haverford didn't realize :)  But its still cool to think about where some of the documents have been, how many hands they passed through, if they spent a while trapped in a box in someones attic or were just barely saved from being thrown out.  While the actual historical value of the document is interesting by itself, when these events of traveling are considered, they become even more important in a historical sense.  Each artifact potentially comes with a story that goes beyond simply the story of why it was written or created.  I think old stuff is so cool :)

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