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November 3, 2010

Wednesday List!

As I get closer to graduating, becoming engaged and hopefully decorating my own place next summer, I've begun to collect ideas and pictures that catch my eye.  So, today's list is 5 things that I want to use in decorating, including some that I already do use. 
1. Seashells-they remind me of the beach, the sea, Lake Michigan (the zebra mussel shells, of course), family, vacations, B (who brought me back a pile of white shells from a spring break trip b/c he know I would appreciate those more than anything he could buy), basically everything I adore
2. Colors-brown, white, red, purple, yellow-its a random mix but I have rooms in mind for combinations of is a new one for me but I'm picturing kitchen accents
3. Crate and Barrel-omg, enough said (especially if you have ever been to the store in Chicago on Michigan Ave..swoon)
4. Wood and Stone-not a fan of metal and glass, feels like living in a spaceship...I want cozy and earthy
5. Michigan Stuff-haha, this one is mostly for B...our office spaces or basement will be completely maize and blue...and it will be awesome :) 

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