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August 17, 2010

Relaxed and Refreshed and Yet, Stressed

I'm back from vacation!  I'll post a pic or two later but for now I just wanted to give a quick update.
1. The beach was incredible.  Perfect weather, amazing water temps, huge waves and perfectly calm days.
2.  B came all the way across the state to surprise me for my 22 birthday!  He brought me SUNFLOWERS!!!  They are beautiful and he is wonderful.
3.  I ate way too much ice cream on vacation.  Dieting begins again.  Sigh.
4.  I'm helping B clean and pack up his house to move this week.
5.  We are leaving again on vacation to Minnesota on Thursday-ergo, I'm super stressed out about that
6.  Due to my traveling, I'm offering free shipping on my ornaments until 3pm EST on the 18th!! Check it out in the widget to the left!!!

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